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June 2015

Champagne? Yes, please! A Unique Welcome for Your Guests

  Welcoming your guests to your reception with champagne makes guests feel special. We love the idea of this elegant, personal touch and suggest a greeter to ensure your guests see the flutes. Using a table isn’t always effective because once your guests are seated they may not have noticed them. At Daniel and Anna’s wedding, guests were wowed by a champagne skirt presentation! This unique alternative serves not only as a fantastic conversation piece but is a great way to circulate the cocktails. Cheers! We used Jeannette Piecznski and her store on etsy is Lone Star Genealogy.

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Love Wins! Love Equal Across the Nation

“Our nation was founded on a bedrock principle, that we are all created equal. The project of each generation is to bridge those founding words with the reality of changing times. Progress on this journey often comes in small increments. Sometimes two steps forward, one step back. And then sometimes there are days like this when that slow, steady effort leads to justice that arrives like a thunderbolt.” ~ President Obama Swivel Group Events has always been a proud supporter of gay marriage. We celebrate this historic day in our nation for equality ~ no longer known as gay marriage but just “marriage.” #LoveisLove

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How to Transport Your Wedding Dress Safely

As destination weddings are becoming increasingly popular, one thing the bride must consider is how to transport her wedding dress safely. While there is always the option of shipping it ~ we like USPS because they are insured. However, always check in advance with your resort, some will not take responsibility for the dress.   Frankly, most brides don’t want to let their dress out of their sight! So here are a few tips for transporting your dress if you are traveling by air: Bring it with you as a carry on. Pack the dress in a carry-on and use tissue paper between the folds to reduce wrinkling. Our preferred method is using a light garment bag that will lay flat while going through the security check point. Most flight attendants will lay the dress flat in first class (you don’t need to be flying first class for this) or find somewhere…

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Hashtag Wedding Tips

We are obsessed with the recent wedding trend of hashtags. Your guests are going to share those candid wedding weekend moments on social media, so why not capture that perspective with your own hashtag? It’s a simple, fun way for a bride and groom to document their wedding. It’s not too complicated to come up with your own hashtag but remember, it’s more than just typing in the pound sign. Start with your Names ~ try different combinations of your first, last, and/or nicknames. This will make it easy for your guests to remember which is the key! You want your guests to actually use it. Use Numbers or Location ~ to set your hashtag apart. There might be more than one #TonyandAmy but only one #TonyandAmy62715. In our featured photo, our couple Krista and Al came up with the perfect short, simple hashtag using location “KristAlKeys.” Use a “Wedding” word ~…

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Erin & Marcus ~ The Ceremony & Reception

The ceremony was held on the beach with steel drums playing in the background and the reception location to follow was on Kelly Green, catered by Townsend Catering with wonderful flair. The tent was adorned with gorgeous florals and candles accented with lounge furniture and lanterns provided by Peter Bekran of Milan Event. It was the perfect setting for an outdoor wedding. Our DJ for the evening was DJ Jimmy Jamz spinning records and capturing all the images was Meghan Rowe of Meghan Rowe Photography and Videography was Quincy Perkins from White Orchid Studios. Erin and Marcus wanted their guests to have a fabulous experience traveling so far to celebrate with them.  There was a custom cigar bar, a fun filled photo booth, a step and repeat and the most fabulous wedding cake and cake pop favors made by the Bride’s dear friend Jennifer Kraus. At 10:30 pm all the…

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