Wedding Reception ~ Custom Dance Floor

Your wedding reception ~ what will guests remember? Besides the beautiful couple, of course, dinner and dancing are at the top of the list. The dance floor is a perfect spot to do a little custom work. Add to the elegance of that first dance with a unique design of your own. You can go as all out or simple as you wish. Our couple, Anna & Daniel added a hand-painted floral motif. If you’re location doesn’t allow for customization, gobo projection lighting, or monogram lighting,  is a great temporary alternative. Gobo companies can create designs i.e. flowers, stars, etc. to fit within your reception theme. Personalizing your dance floor with custom decals is another way to go. You can usually find them on It’s a great way to save money and add that special detail to your reception. On a tight budget? Build your own! With a trip to the…

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Step and Repeat aka “Red Carpet Wedding Backdrop”

We love the idea of giving your destination wedding that “red carpet event” feeling ~ and nothing says special like a “step and repeat.” A what? A step and repeat is a banner with your custom wedding monogram, theme logo, hashtag, wedding date, or your favorite things ~ it’s really anything you want it to be. Guests step in front of the backdrop and get their photo taken and the next guest “repeats” the process. It’s a great way to make your guests feel fabulously welcomed and comfortable getting their picture taken. In a destination wedding they can be used in a more casual environment at the “welcome party” and then again at the reception. On a budget? You can use vinyl material and local printer to print your logo on it. Use PVC pipe to drape the fabric and forgo the red carpet or try finding a sample. Say…

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Tips for the Perfect Wedding Welcome Bag

Chances are your destination wedding is a mini-vacation for your guests and you may not be able to greet all of them when they arrive.  A great way to say “we’re so happy you’re here” is with a custom bag full of goodies! the Want to do the same? Start with a great bag – some kind of carryall that guests will be able to re-use while sightseeing or at the beach. We like canvas which is easily personalized and it’s great after the wedding too ~ a nice (collapsible) keepsake. the Must have items we recommend are: Advil/Tylenol/Aleve (whichever you prefer) a bottle of water sunscreen something savory and sweet (we love sourcing these items from local places at your destination) a map a list that includes the ceremony and reception location and times along with a list of any group activities you have planned. It’s also a great…

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The Unplugged Wedding ~ No Cell Phone Zone!

There’s nothing worse than spending lots of money on a professional photographer only to see that most of the pictures included a guest holding up their phone taking video or pictures of your ceremony. Not only are guests staring at a small screen but they often make the photographer’s job more difficult. By stepping in or raising their arms where they aren’t supposed to be they can ruin a perfect shot. The Huffington Post even tells of one photographer who missed the first kiss because a guest unknowingly – trying to get the shot – stepped in front of him right at the crucial moment. Try asking your minister or officiant to give everyone a heads up before the ceremony starts ~ and maybe waiting until after the first dance to start Instagramming and tweeting. Here is a cute way to subtly let your guests know that taking cell phone…

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