Who’s Holding the Wedding Rings?

Who holds the wedding rings when there is no ring bearer? We recommend that the ring bearer carry fake rings but you knew that already, didn’t you? Traditionally, the best man holds the wedding rings but it’s perfectly okay to enlist the help of the maid-of-honor. The honor attendants will simply slip the ring on their finger (the maid of honor uses her thumb to hold the groom’s ring; the bride’s usually fits on the best man’s pinky). It’s best to plan this in advance and to clue your best man in as to when he’ll be taking responsibility for the rings. This detail doesn’t seem that critical but it really can be. One of our couples had given their rings to the photographer so he could take his “wedding ring” portraits and forgot to give them back before the ceremony! They had to use a bridesmaid’s and groomsman’s ring for their…

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The Unplugged Wedding ~ No Cell Phone Zone!

There’s nothing worse than spending lots of money on a professional photographer only to see that most of the pictures included a guest holding up their phone taking video or pictures of your ceremony. Not only are guests staring at a small screen but they often make the photographer’s job more difficult. By stepping in or raising their arms where they aren’t supposed to be they can ruin a perfect shot. The Huffington Post even tells of one photographer who missed the first kiss because a guest unknowingly – trying to get the shot – stepped in front of him right at the crucial moment. Try asking your minister or officiant to give everyone a heads up before the ceremony starts ~ and maybe waiting until after the first dance to start Instagramming and tweeting. Here is a cute way to subtly let your guests know that taking cell phone…

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