Travel Tips

How to Transport Your Wedding Dress Safely

As destination weddings are becoming increasingly popular, one thing the bride must consider is how to transport her wedding dress safely. While there is always the option of shipping it ~ we like USPS because they are insured. However, always check in advance with your resort, some will not take responsibility for the dress.   Frankly, most brides don’t want to let their dress out of their sight! So here are a few tips for transporting your dress if you are traveling by air: Bring it with you as a carry on. Pack the dress in a carry-on and use tissue paper between the folds to reduce wrinkling. Our preferred method is using a light garment bag that will lay flat while going through the security check point. Most flight attendants will lay the dress flat in first class (you don’t need to be flying first class for this) or find somewhere…

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