Unique Reception Ideas

Wedding Reception ~ Custom Dance Floor

Your wedding reception ~ what will guests remember? Besides the beautiful couple, of course, dinner and dancing are at the top of the list. The dance floor is a perfect spot to do a little custom work. Add to the elegance of that first dance with a unique design of your own. You can go as all out or simple as you wish. Our couple, Anna & Daniel added a hand-painted floral motif. If you’re location doesn’t allow for customization, gobo projection lighting, or monogram lighting,  is a great temporary alternative. Gobo companies can create designs i.e. flowers, stars, etc. to fit within your reception theme. Personalizing your dance floor with custom decals is another way to go. You can usually find them on etsy.com. It’s a great way to save money and add that special detail to your reception. On a tight budget? Build your own! With a trip to the…

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Happy Independence Day ~ Fireworks at Wedding Reception

Today Swivel Group Events celebrates “Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness.” As we honor this great nation we would like to congratulate all of the July 4th nuptials and love the idea of fireworks at a wedding reception. This has become a growing trend and is a special treat for guests and a fabulous way to start a new life together. Check with your venue first to make sure that the pyrotechnics are allowed and secondly, hire a professional fireworks company to handle the explosives. They will be able to cater to how simple or extravagant you’d like your display to be. Enjoy your family today ~ Cheers!

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